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Bengali New Year

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Dear parents,

The school will remain closed.

Please make a note of the upcoming holidays

14th April

Ambedkar Jayanti

15th April

Bengali New Year


notice board

  • Periodical Meeting

    NOTICE                                                                                                 Date: - 05/07/2017                                                                                 Notice No:  GPSM/009/17-18   Parents are hereby informed that answer sheet distribution & parent’s teacher meeting (P.T.M.) is going to take place on 08-07-2017 (Saturday). Classes Time Pre-Nursery, Nursery, K.G From 9am I,II,III From 10:30am IV to VII From12pm Presence of every parent’s is mandatory. Parents must arrive before 15 minutes of prescribed time.
  • To Purchase The Musical Instrument

                    NOTICE                                                                                                        Date: - 04/07/2017                                                                                 Notice No:  GPSM/008/17-18   Parents are hereby informed to note the below mention musical instrument’s model numbers and brand for part of good practicing & development, purchasing is subject to optional. Sr No. Instrument Name Model No. SYNTHESIZER NAMES 1 Casio MA-120 2 Casio SA-21 3 Casio SA-35 4 Casio SA-47 5 Casio SA-75 6 Casio CTK 810in 7 Casio CTK 851in 8 YAMAHA PSR-140 9 YAMAHA PSR-200 10 YAMAHA PSR- 11 XT 6900 GUITAR NAMES 12 Baby Size Guitar/Standard Size Guitar Givson Grason Hobner                     Note: Drum sticks are available in school office.   SYNTHESIZER Students those who have selected synthesizer & guitar in activity they may purchase any one of the following synthesizer for better practice & improvement from “Geet O Bitan”   5, Deshpran Sasmal Road, Howrah -711101(Panchanantala). Sr. No. Model No. 1 Casio  SA-46 2 Casio  SA-47 3 Casio  SA-76 4 Casio  SA-77 5 Casio  SA-78 6 Casio MA - 150 7 Casio CTK - 245 8 Casio CTK - 1300 Sr. No. Model No. 9 Casio CTK - 1500 10 Casio CTK - 2400 11 Casio CTK - 2500 12 Yamaha PSR-F51 13 Yamaha PSR-F50 14 Yamaha PSR-253 15 Yamaha PSR-263   GUITAR Size Brand  Baby Size Guitar/ Standard Size Guitar Givson Grason Hobner         Drum Student those who have selected Drum in activity they will have to purchase a set of drum stick from school office.
  • To Formulate Coupon

    NOTICE                                                                                                   Date: - 28/06/2017                                                                                 Notice No:  GPSM/007/17-18  In order to meet with Principal and Teachers Parents are hereby informed that a letter should be given in office before one day to meet with principal Parents must come along with the coupon provided by the school authority in order to meet the respective teachers. Parents are not allowed into the school campus or in the classroom without any permission.
  • To Purchase the School Belt

    NOTICE                                                                                                   Date: - 12/06/2017                                                                                 Notice No:  GPSM/006/17-18  Pre-Nursery & Nursery parents are hereby informed that school belt is available & to purchase the belt from office.
  • Buddha Purnima

    NOTICE                                                                                                    Date: - 09/05/2017                                                                                 Notice No:  GPSM/005/17-18   Due to Buddha Purnima Central and State Government declared holiday on account of that school will remain close tomorrow class of tomorrow’s routine will be held on 20-05-2017 (Saturday). 
  • For Charges of Get Pass & Book List

    NOTICE                                                                                                    Date: - 03/05/2017                                                                                 Notice No:  GPSM/004/17-18 Parents are hereby informed that if they forget to carry Fees Book or Ecsort Card at the time to receive their ward than issuing a Get Pass will be chargeable from now onwards. Rupees 20/- will be charged for each Get Pass.
  • Notice for Books of Class-IV to VII

    NOTICE                                                                                                  Date: - 03/05/2017                                                                                 Notice No:  GPSM/003/17-18  The story books for the students of class IV, V, VI, VII will be supplied on 04/05/2017 (Thursday). All the concerned student are requested to collect the books by paying of following cost of each book as noted below: Book Name: Publisher: Amount: David Copperfield Longman 110/- The Adventure of Tom Swayer Pearson 110/- Robinson Crusoe Oxford 153/- Stories from Shakespeare Pearson 110/-  
  • 3rd April Important Notice

    NOTICE                                                                                                    Date: - 30/03/2017                                                                                 Notice No:  GPSM/001/17-18      On 3rd April Monday school will be given over at 11:30 A.M.
  • Releasing Time For Particular Classes

    NOTICE                                                                                                  Date: - 04/04/2017                                                                                 Notice No:  GPSM/002/17-18  Releasing time for particular classes:  Class: Pre-Nursery & Nursery 11:30 A.M. Class: K.G. & I 01:00 P.M. Class: II to VII 02:30 P.M.
  • New Session Admission

    Registration form for all classes for the session 2016-2017 will start from 18-11-2015.
  • Chhath puja

    School will remain close on 18.11.2015 (wednesday) on behalf of "Chhath Puja"
  • Answer Sheet

      All respective parents & guardians are hereby requested to collect the Answer Sheet of their wards on Monday (28/09/2015): Class Time Pre-Nursery & Nursery 10:30 A.M. to 11:30A.M. K.G. & I 11:30 A.M. to 12:30 A.M. Classes II - V 12:30 P.M. to  01:35 P.M.

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